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Kinds of foods, all attract our eyes first with outside packaging, and honestly packaging is the clothes for foods. It can not only protect the foods, but also brand the food products.


We are going to provide suitable packaging materials as your specific requirements.


Either you proivde printartwork or we provide free design services for you, we are going to realize best print effect for you.


We are always passionate about food packaging. Once you would like quality packaging for your food products, welcome to reach us.

What food products can we pack? Let's have a view.

Juice Packaging

Now, more and more juice, water or liquid products are packed in spout pouches, that will not only help reduce packaging costs, but also provide better branding of the products. We are good at producing spout pouches and always persue satification of the customers.


Milk Packaging

For the present market, milk is usually packed in boxes, bottles, and then plastic pouches. We are going to provide you quality pouches for your milk products.


Flavors Packaging

Flavors are mostly packed in plastic packaging bags, as that will achieve great effect at the lowest packaging costs.


Meat Packaging

The packaging materials are able to provide long-enough shelf life for the meat products, and that helps manufacturers to distribute their meat products in a wider area. We are going to provide quality packaging products for the meat factory.


Biscuit Packaging

Biscuits, cookies, are all packed in plastic packaging that is able to provide great barrier performance, that shield the moisture, oxygen and contaminations from the inside products. We are able to provide these packaging foils at lower costs.


Dry Products

Dry products can be packed in plastic packaging that provide a better shelf life at competitive costs.


If you would like to know more about our packaging products, you canhave a view of Our Products

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