Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products

For 15 years, our company have been producing quality packaging products for manufacturers of cleaning products. Under the principle of creating packaging values for our customers, we are continuously improving the packaging solution for our customers.

Many of cleaning products are finalized in plastic packaging


including laundry detergents, liquid detergents, liquid soap, and detergent powder.


We have been supplying packaging for cleaning products manufacturer for 15 years


and actually,we are so professional with cleaning products packaging.


We are going provide you quality products along with valuable services, for free

  • Free evaluation on your packaging solution
  • Free design services

You may view about our packaging for cleaning products or just reach us for more support.

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Liquid Detergents

Liquid detergents are widely packed in spout pouches, that is very convenient for consumer use, and on the other hand, to largely reduce packaging costs. Now, more and more liquid detergent are presented in spout pouches.

Laundry Powder

Plastic packaging bags finalize the laundry powder with fantastic packaging at lowest costs, however, they are all finished on VFFS lines with roll foil. We are providing quality VFFS roll foil in lowest costs.

Hair Cream

For disposable purpose, hair creams are packed in small plastic sachets,that is also finalized on VFFS lines.


Some soaps are to be packed in plastic packaging bags.